1. Find the Courage to Create

    Every artist, musician, songwriter, and creator knows that the path towards pursuing a dream is lined with two types of people. On one side, there are the supporters, our friends and family who constantly provide us with the encouragement we sometimes need to keep moving forward. On the other side are those people whose voices seem to shout louder and hit deeper at times than even they understand.…Read More

  2. Beyond a Finished Recording

    Ah...It's 2016.  A fresh new start to a fresh new year.  A ton has still been going on at Nashville Demo Factory; the music is pumping and I'm excited to see what will all go down in this new season. So I wanted to discuss a little bit about some of my competition here in Nashville.  Obviously this is a brand new endeavor for me (starting a business) and I'm learning some good things about own…Read More