At Nashville Demo Factory, we’re in the business of making your creative aspirations a reality through professional music production services. If you have songs in your head, we want to help you bring them to life—and make the process as easy as possible.

But sometimes, creating the songs themselves is the tricky part. As any sort of creative type, it can be difficult to stay focused and harness the creativity necessary to make any form of art, which can lead to anger, frustration, and a lack of creative motivation

In this blog, we’ll explore a few ways to jumpstart your creative process, achieve inspiration, and fight through mental barriers in the way of your creative success and fulfillment.

Find inspiration.

Easier said than done, right? There’s no surefire, easy path to creative inspiration—inspiration means different things to different people. But there’s one common thread amongst people who find inspiration: they find it through new and exciting life experiences. If you’re having trouble harnessing your creativity, or are feeling particularly uninspired, perhaps it’s time to watch a new movie, hike a new trail, meet new people, or anything else that is a change of pace for your body or your brain.

Keep learning.

If you’re looking to make an impression in a creative field like music, you can’t expect to rely on inspiration alone. That means you need to put in the work to improve your craft by studying how quality music is produced, learning why great musicians are truly great, researching ways to improve your music, and of course, by practicing your music. With enough knowledge, experience, and practice, it won’t just be easier to find inspiration—it’ll be easier to act on that inspiration.

Keep a journal of ideas.

You know the story: after scouring your brain for great ideas and grand epiphanies, you have a moment of genius while you’re in the shower, in your bed, or out in nature. But without a way to document your brilliant tidbit, it will eventually escape your mind, lost forever in a sea of other thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

Keeping a small journal on hand (or more contemporarily, keeping notes in your phone) will allow you to spill out your groundbreaking ideas and make them permanent the moment they cross your mind, allowing you to reference them at a later time when you’re working on your craft. Soon, you’ll have a running record of all your creative ideas, big and small, which will help you make creative progress faster. Just don’t bring your phone or notepad in the shower with you.


Your brain is your cognitive and creative engine, and it takes up almost 20 percent of the oxygen that enters your body—so if you treat your brain right, it will reward you with improved cognitive ability, focus, and of course, creativity. That’s why exercise is one of the best ways to break through creative barriers and improve your creative thinking skills.

By working up a sweat, you’re increasing blood and oxygen flow to the brain, even if you’re only taking the dog for a walk or doing a few pushups. Exercise regularly, and you’re improving the overall function of your body and brain, which will make it that much easier to work on your craft.

Exercising helps you become the best version of yourself—the best version of your craft will soon follow.

Take time off from your craft.

For those who obsess over their craft for hours and hours on end, it seems like taking a break from the creative process is a waste of precious time. But taking a break could be the best thing for your creative process. Stepping away from your craft for a day, a week, or even a month could relieve some stress surrounding your creative process, and allow you to focus on other aspects of your life. When you return to your craft after your mini-vacation, you’ll feel refreshed, energized, and passionate—plus, you’ll have a different view on how to work on your craft.

Creative burnout is real, and it can kill any creative progress you’re looking to make. Take breaks every so often, and reap the rewards.

Trust the experts.

There’s nothing more creatively rewarding than learning from experts in your creative field—so when you have the opportunity to learn from the pros, make the most of that opportunity. That’s what Nashville Demo Factory is passionate about. We help aspiring musicians turn their musical ideas into a reality with expert musical consultation and professional-grade music production services, so you can achieve creative satisfaction and fulfillment. Don’t wait—let the professionals at Nashville Demo Factory take your music to the next stage. Contact us today!