Every artist, musician, songwriter, and creator knows that the path towards pursuing a dream is lined with two types of people. On one side, there are the supporters, our friends and family who constantly provide us with the encouragement we sometimes need to keep moving forward. On the other side are those people whose voices seem to shout louder and hit deeper at times than even they understand. These are the people who somehow always seem to know just what to say to make you doubt your creative pursuits and dreams. Listen to them long enough, and you’ll begin to hear them in your head at unexpected times: “Get a real job, you’ll never make a living if you carry on like this,” or “So you have a demo recording…You seriously believe you are good enough to compete with professional musicians?” I’m here to tell you, shut those thoughts down right now, and keep pursuing your dreams.

Why You Need to Pursue Your Passion

The number one reason why you need to pursue your passion is that your dreams represent something that is quintessentially you. Your voice, your music, your art, your writing, those skills are a part of your design, and when you allow yourself to work towards perfecting your craft, you realize something true and profound about who you are and what you were put on this earth to do. If we cave into the naysayers and give up on our passion, something in us dies. Even if your passion doesn’t become your primary vocation, it will enrich your life and bring you joy in ways that make it worth living in the first place.

Why People Give You Bad Advice

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least address the reasons why people give us the advice they do. It’s not that they want us to disconnect from something that brings us so much joy. In fact, much of the advice we receive as artists comes from people who genuinely care about our lives and our futures. There is a real possibility for many of us that we won’t become rock stars or award-winning songwriters. While those of us who create understand that reality, many of our loved ones worry that we won’t be able to support ourselves or our families in the long run. Worse case scenario, they may think that our dreams are mere fantasy, that we are simply in love with the idea of being musicians and artists and not the creative process itself. If you find that working to achieve your dreams wears on you more than it fulfills you, those people may have a point. However, I believe that a passion, by definition, isn’t something that can easily fizzle out when the going gets tough, and true artists know the difference between the love of their craft and the love of an idea.

To Thine Own Self…

Here at the Nashville Demo Factory, we know music. We know passion. We know that your songs, your lyrics aren’t trifles of a passing fancy. As a musician myself, I know that my music brings me closer to my true self and who I am designed to be. I pursued my dreams. Now, it’s your turn. What are you waiting for?

The Nashville Demo Factory can help breathe life into your music and your passion. Whether you need demo recordings, accompaniment tracks, music mixing, other music production services, you can count on us. As an online recording studio, we can reach you wherever you are without sacrificing quality. Contact us to learn more today.