1. Making Money with YouTube

    This isn’t another season of American Idol—getting your big break as a musician takes much more time and effort outside of the music itself. You need to be able to use the internet to your advantage in order to publish content, build a loyal following of fans, and of course, to make money—but we never said it was going to be easy. In the previous blog post, the Nashville music production pro…Read More

  2. Harnessing Your Creativity, Part 2

    In our previous blog, the Nashville music production experts at Nashville Demo Factory discussed a few simple ways to harness creative energy, jumpstart your creative process, and avoid frustrating mental barriers that stifle your creative success. We’ll continue with that topic here, giving you more helpful ways to get creative and stay creative. Don’t fear failure. There’s nothing that sti…Read More

  3. Welcome to the Nashville Demo Factory

    Welcome to the blog feed from Nashville Demo Factory! This is the place where you will find recent news about our music production services and other helpful tips and articles. Today, I’d like to introduce NDF a bit more and give you an idea about who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Keep checking back regularly for news, updates, and great tips and advice. Who are we? The Nashville Demo Fa…Read More