Nashville Demo Factory (NDF) tries to make booking and creating a first-class demo as easy and enjoyable as possible.  Thus, we have put together our Terms & Conditions, for your review and approval, so that we have a mutual understanding before beginning our music journey together.

  1. Once you have selected a Demo Package option and submitted your order, along with a work tape and/or typed lyrics, NDF will prepare and email you an invoice for your review and payment.  We reserve the right to not accept a submission if we feel we cannot accommodate your song request to the best of our ability.
  2. Full payment is required in advance if our invoice is accepted.  You can pay through PayPal (our preferred method of payment), by cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check.  If payment is not received within 30 days, the invoice will be considered null and void.
  3. Upon payment of your invoice, NDF will place your song in queue for production on a first-come first-serve basis.  At that point, we will give you an estimate for a completion date.  Generally, it takes 3 to 6 weeks to finish a project (depending on the industry season, as well as how many other projects are currently ahead of yours).  A RUSH fee may be available upon the discretion of NDF.
  4. NDF agrees to fully refund your money should you decide to cancel the project prior to production beginning and any recording started.  
  5. We ask that you make yourself available via phone, email, or text for correspondence should NDF have any questions or suggestions regarding the production of your song.  
  6. Nashville Demo Factory will review, craft, build, and record your song(s) with the utmost in care and talent, regardless of the song’s genre, style, tempo, and audio sample.
  7. Unless otherwise requested, your finished song will be emailed to you in MP3 format for review.  
  8. Regarding changes to your project after receiving your recording, please check the “Revisions” guidelines and rules on the FAQ page of
  9. We are extremely confident you will be more than satisfied with the final product!  However, if not (even after revisions), you agree to hold NDF harmless for giving their best attempt at creating your audio production, and no monies will be refunded.
  10. Additional fees may apply regarding such matters as hiring additional musicians, vocalists, additional studio time, master copies, special shipping and handling, and more.  Please call to discuss.
  11. Ensuring your privacy is important to us.  Personal information will be safeguarded and not passed on to any third-party organization.  
  12. Should you decide to submit your song(s) for placement in a TV/FILM production, you agree to share 10% of the sync fee monies you are given if the song(s) is placed (whether it is an exclusive or non-exclusive placement).  If NDF is a co-writer with the song you submitted then we will already be sharing the sync fee with you and the additional 10% is not necessary. (EXAMPLE A: NDF wrote a melody to your lyrics and you agreed to a 50% copyright ownership split of the song with NDF, therefore if a TV/Film sync fee pays you $1,000 then you would keep $500 and send NDF $500 since we co-wrote the song with you.  EXAMPLE B: NDF shares no copyright of the song but it did get placed in a TV/Film production, therefore if the sync fee pays you $1,000 then you would keep $900 and send $100 to NDF.)  The 10% share is only valid in TV/Film placements and is not expected if a major label or artist decides to cut your song.  Think of the 10% share to NDF as a “tip” for making your production with such great quality that it got your song placed in TV/Film.
  13. Please contact us anytime for any questions you may have.  And congratulations on choosing Nashville Demo Factory, you’ll be glad you did!