At Nashville Demo Factory we want you to know that we are more than just a “Demo Factory.” Maybe you are like me and have your own production studio, but don’t have access to professional musicians or not enough time or equipment to record full band songs.  This is where we come in handy.  Since we’re located in Nashville we have access to some of the greatest musicians and instrumentalists that can help give your song that quality “edge”.  Maybe you’re a songwriter and you know how to build your own acoustic/vocal tracks with you recording software but would rather have real drums instead of a premade loop from Apple.  Let us help build your tracks with crisp, clean instruments that are crafted to make your songs sound KILLER!

Maybe you’re a music producer and you’re sitting on some great tracks but need an affordable and professional mixing/mastering service.  We’ve got you covered.  We’ll take your tracks and mix them to a radio-ready sound.  From EQ-ing and compressing to effects and mastering – we’re ready to take on whatever project you’re working with.  Always remember that if you have any questions at all about our services we are ready to answer them.

Drew Middleton